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Camera technology trends

Reading camera reviews is like picking a winner from the race form guide! Cameras shoot either photographs or video… or do they? Sure you have your still cameras, you have your camcorders, but these days […]

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Marketing with video

In 2014 Cisco predicted that by 2018, 84 percent of internet traffic would be attributed to video. That is up 6 percent of what it was in 2014 (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-internet-consumers-cisco-systems/videos-may-make-up-84-percent-of-internet-traffic-by-2018-cisco-idUSKBN0EL15E20140610).   By 2018 video dominated the […]

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Marketing media trends 2017

While some may use the convenience of the digital platform to store information, many use it more for communication—social media, advertising, promotion and brand development, training, education and enlightenment, entertainment and amusement, news and current […]

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Digital Content Creation—Video Media intro

When digital content creation is mentioned, many instantly think of copy, editorial  and technical writing. Then we remember about pictures and illustrations. Now we are getting used to animated—or motion, graphics and pictures (video)—along with […]

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