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It appears industry is still perceiving content as copy and story writing, so let’s fix that. After 2016 visuals and audiovisuals started to dominate content. Copy writing, along with pictures, graphics, audio and video media is now a sub categorisation of content, not the other way around, as it used to be.
Gavin L Digital post-production demo—the Von Restorff Effect

Gavin L Digital post-production demo—the Von Restorff Effect

In today’s business world marketing is a challenge. The digital platform with its’ social media channels provides so many options to be heard. The problem is, that has lead to a lot of noise. Audiences want stories, not noise. Right now brand awareness is more successful through story sponsorship than advertising noise. Audiences want to be triple EEEd—entertained, enlightened and educated through story content, not shouted at by adverts.

Content is more than just text. Promotion is more than just advertising. Sponsor your own audiovisual stories, like this one produced by the Gavin L Digital team.

Let Gavin Know what you are aspiring to in your brand awareness and get him and his team onboard for some truly professional creative media development.

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Check out the pre-existing digital image assets ready for licencing and downloading.

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Content includes text in the form of articles and blogs. The Gavin L Digital team also provides this creative service.

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Here is what Gavin Lardner—owner of this domain, and his team can do for you. They can produce all your eye catching fine art composite imagery, motion graphics and video storytelling media, as well as copy writing and branded audiovisual slideshow presentation creation, with adaptation to web and social media application. Even if you already have the story, Gavin and the Gavin L Digital team will be only too happy to create the copy, visuals and audiovisuals to wow your audience and get those leads flowing.

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