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In 2014 Cisco predicted that by 2018, 84 percent of internet traffic would be attributed to video. That is up 6 percent of what it was in 2014 (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-internet-consumers-cisco-systems/videos-may-make-up-84-percent-of-internet-traffic-by-2018-cisco-idUSKBN0EL15E20140610).


By 2018 video dominated the traffic flow. “Motion graphics in particular are seeing a huge boom — and it’s no wonder, considering that they can help businesses grow revenue 49% faster. Yet despite the proven effectiveness of motion graphics, many marketers still aren’t using them to their fullest potential” (https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2018/03/09/boost-your-conversion-rates-with-motion-graphics/#b0d75656186f).


One of the major reasons for this shift in message delivery method is due to audience preference. There are two types of user; those that want publicity and a large following and those that are just social or private users.


The sheer number of Internet users has been boosted by the popularity of social media channels. This has attracted global marketers. They now form the majority of the group that want publicity and a large following. They are monitoring audience preference trends in an effort to optimise their reach.


Knowing audience preference trends are for video, they comply. However, producing polished video is a far cry from copywriting. Many small businesses attempt to do their own marketing and media creation. Most have no knowledge or skills in video production. The best they can do is shoot some video footage and attempt to edit it using domestic editing applications and mobile apps.


The question is do you like the results. You have to bear in mind that your promotion is your showroom and that how an audience sees it is how they perceive your whole business operation to be. On top of that there is merit in “first impressions are lasting impressions”—you don’t want the wrong stigma attached to your business or brand from the word “GO”.


Invariably you are faced with added marketing expense or not meeting audience preferences and lead generation targets. Some products like technology might come with a learning curve that requires good follow-up support. This is one area where explainer videos excel. Reviews that say “plenty of explainer or tutorial videos are available online” can make all the difference to future sales.


Before rushing into converting your copywriters to video producers—goodluck with that one, you should view this article. (https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbescommunicationscouncil/2018/03/09/boost-your-conversion-rates-with-motion-graphics/#b0d75656186f)


Marketers must decide whether they are out to generate leads directly from the promotion, seduce audiences to their websites, just keep flashing their brand around on well received content, or make direct sales. The campaign might try to cover all objectives, however the copy used should only address one of these objectives per session. That is not to say you can’t have more that one promotion running at a time, but rather to limit each to one objective, regardless of whether it is video or textual copy. So if the objective is to build up your web audience, then don’t also try to convert them to customers using the same campaign… one objective per campaign. You can run another campaign with that objective and yes, you can run them simultaneously.


Video production is a two stage process. First is the video shooting to produce raw video footage, then comes the post-production to edit a polished final video from all the raw footage and add supporting narration.


During post-production, motion graphics, visual effects and enhanced audio can be added to introduce mood, intrigue, help illustrate points and make the end product flow smoothly for complete cognitive engagement. These types of productions are more likely to be shared than anything else. They certainly show a brand in good light.


One way to reduce the cost of producing video copy and content is to shoot the footage yourself and have a video production house or freelance producer do the post-production for you. Simple documentary editing with the natural soundtrack, no sound, or overlaid music comes at the lower end of cost, while addition of motion graphics (particularly 3D graphics) animated elements and visual effects synchronised with music and sound effects will be at the other end.


Audio narration can be presented in mp3 files to be added during post-production, or be professionally done as part of the post-production. It can incur further costs from $100 upward depending on the size of the script and length of the final production. The better news is that this can all be done quite quickly. It is the shooting, interviewing and self produced narration that takes the bulk of the time… take 1, take 2, take 3, take a lunch break…


Although it might be tempting to shoot your own raw video footage on a HD or even a 4K iPhone—to keep expenses down, then bring in a freelance video editor or video clip producer to bring it all together how you envisage it, there are other things to consider. Is live sound important, what length of continuous recording are you looking at, how much light is on the subject, how steady can you hold the iPhone, does it have enough memory and battery power, what codec does it use to package the video? Under ideal conditions you might get away with it, otherwise you are going to need more dedicated equipment. You may well save money on your promotional video production attempt only to lose out on leads and conversions because it was not professionally convincing enough.


In saying that, in quite a number of situations these consumer devices are quite fine to use in good lighting and windless outdoor conditions. Ambient background noise like fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, traffic, people, nature and wildlife will always pose a challenge where live sound is required. Consumer video devices do not use shotgun or remote radio mic technology, so have no way of reducing this interference.


If you have raw footage and a vision of what you want to create from it, Gavin L Digital can provide freelance post-production talent to help you out. Call us or contact us here to arrange some free consultation time.

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