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Same as general multimedia, but designed or produced solely for the digital communications platform (the web).


Marketing media trends 2017

While some may use the convenience of the digital platform to store information, many use it more for communication—social media, advertising, promotion and brand development, training, education and enlightenment, entertainment and amusement, news and current […]

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The Evolution Of The Webmaster

The evolution of the digital platform, as another channel of communication, has been rapid and extremely influential on our culture. Television, before it, had a similar impact, but with limits in that it was one-way […]

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Marketing vocations

Marketing is to support sales. It is devoted to finding potential customers and funnelling them to the sales team. The sales team will then close deals, converting them to customers. Marketing involves advertising and promotion, […]

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Website optimisation to trends

The digital platform has opened a whole new communications channel that yesterday’s TV broadcast industry battled with. TV broadcasting was a breakthrough in mass media communication in that it presented two media to communicate to […]

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