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A media platform based on web technology.


Categorising stock images

Advertising is a huge part of marketing. Media creation is a huge part of advertising. Photography is a large part of media product creation. Lucky industry has commercial stock photography libraries to obtain images from […]

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The true meaning of media

We think of media as radio, television and the press. This is because the primary product of these industries are public information and communication broadcasting… namely what is considered as news stories of public interest. […]

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Marketing media trends 2017

While some may use the convenience of the digital platform to store information, many use it more for communication—social media, advertising, promotion and brand development, training, education and enlightenment, entertainment and amusement, news and current […]

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Brand Development

One of a brands biggest stakeholders is its owner. A business enterprise may exist without trading, but there will always be some expense in maintaining its existence. A brand represents a product or product line […]

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Digital Content Creation—Video Media intro

When digital content creation is mentioned, many instantly think of copy, editorial  and technical writing. Then we remember about pictures and illustrations. Now we are getting used to animated—or motion, graphics and pictures (video)—along with […]

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A first look at digital marketing

Digital marketing involves a number of specialists from different vocational disciplines. Usually when a business starts to grow, marketing and sales functions are separated with specialists employed for each. The whole function is divided into […]

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The Evolution Of The Webmaster

The evolution of the digital platform, as another channel of communication, has been rapid and extremely influential on our culture. Television, before it, had a similar impact, but with limits in that it was one-way […]

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Marketing vocations

Marketing is to support sales. It is devoted to finding potential customers and funnelling them to the sales team. The sales team will then close deals, converting them to customers. Marketing involves advertising and promotion, […]

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In the beginning

This site is part of the professional development of Gavin Lardner. I was a technical writer and technical diagrammatic illustrator (infographics), then along came the web! I adapted…now I am so much more! From plain to enriched…watch this […]

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