Gavin L Digital dot com is the domain of an agency style business operating out of the Burnie region of Tasmania, Australia by Gavin Lardner. Its’ primary purpose is to provide digital media assets for both marketing and documentary records… not just for promotions, but also evidence, education, entertainment, posterity and nostalgic purposes.

A note from Gavin Lardner:— freelancer, domain and business owner

My career started in press photography in the black and white film days. It moved into wedding videography a decade later then I diverged into an electronics career for many years. That lead to I.T and web development before returning to photography and video in the digital age. From 2013 to 2018 I undertook further education to develop my occupational passions and interests to new levels. What I learn’t is that this education is a continuous ongoing process of discovery. I had to jump off the formal education wagon at some point to professionally apply this new knowledge to media creation. Thus “gavinldigital dot com” was established in 2015. Now who needs media assets… that was a question I had to answer, for that would be my target market…

The answer was everybody who needed to tell a story, whether for brand awareness, advertising and promotion, or education and enlightenment. On top of that I found ordinary people sought media for posterity and nostalgic purposes, only they do not think of it in terms of media assets, but rather simply as photographs and videos.

With the proliferation of low cost digital technology now available to everybody, many may attempt to capture and create their own media assets, photographs and videos, so the market is not that big. Those that have a discerning taste for professional quality media would most likely bring in a professional to produce their media, photographs and videos. Those who know their own customers will judge the quality of their brand on their marketing presentations, those that know their is a huge audience engaging in social media that should be made aware of their brand through article sponsorship, and those who feel an occasion is special enough to capture, preserve and present through professional quality images and videos telling their story, without putting the burden on family and friends to achieve this are those who benefit from the creation of professional quality media assets. Is that you?

My team and I use professional technology. Much of it is custom engineered or configured for specific applications. We edit and carry out video post-production using the Adobe Creative suite that includes Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator and Animate digital tools. Our video audio recording is backed up with independent audio recording gear with the best quality sound digitally dubbed back into the edited video. In event video coverage we utilise specially engineered stabilised dual video cameras of different focal length lenses. This rig is ideal for wedding, sports and ENG work.

Telling stories has proven a hit on social media platforms. Educational, “how to” and explainer videos are very popular. Many are found on the Google owned YouTube platform. Sponsoring such story assets is a great move for brand awareness. I have put together our own demonstration of an explainer video. It can be found on the “Content Creation Services” page (left menu).

I hope you know a little more about gavinldigital now… I look forward to consulting and providing you with your media product needs and can be contacted by phone on 0410 488432 (within Australia), or through my “Contact Us page” for quotes and more information.