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How can your business benefit from the digital platform

The digital platform provides email, skype, websites, cloud storage, sharing and social media services to mention a few. If you are starting up a small business, or running one, you need to investigate how these […]

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Web technologies—HTML documents

The Web platform is built upon the internet platform. These platforms are defined by program protocols. The web platform is defined by local browser/web server network technology, built upon a specialised set of data handling […]

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Digital Marketing—Email

Digital marketing is marketing through the digital platform. The digital platform evolved with the Internet and encompases email, the web, and other electronic communications technology such as VOIP, Skype and chat services. Once the digital […]

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About reviews

Online reviews have become popular as a resource to assess an organisation, brand, product, or offer, through consumer and public experiences. While there are quite a number of review sites for products, it is harder […]

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